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Our vision for the future is:

Destination Zero — Zero emissions, zero accidents and zero congestion

By 2020, we aim to drastically reduce CO2 emissions by 25% and create intelligent, connected vehicles that adapt, assist and enhance the driving experience.

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Future technologies mean autonomous driving. But instead of focusing on driverless cars, our research technologies aim to give the driver more, not less. Intelligent systems working in the background that are aware of situations as they develop. A smarter car is all-seeing and never distracted.

It is predicted that by 2020, over 20 billion connected things will be part of IoT (The Internet of Things). This means an exciting opportunity to invest in the necessary technologies and skills to ensure our future vehicles have a prominent role in IoT. But it also means new challenges such as greater demands for cyber security, digital skills, data protection and infrastructure, as the world becomes more connected.

Environmental innovation is part of our vision for a better future. The way we make our cars is as important as the way we design and engineer them. Significantly reducing our carbon emissions has been at the heart of our business strategy for the past decade. We have doubled the number of Powertrain Engineers and we continually invest in developing the necessary technology that will help us deliver a further 25% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2020.

Terrain-based speed adaption (TBSA)
Terrain-based speed adaption Gives the car the ability to sense the path in front of it and allow it to automatically change its speed.
Co-operative adaptive cruise control (C-ACC)
Co-operative adaptive cruise control Allows vehicles to co-operate to improve safety, ease traffic congestion and improve fuel efficiency.
Off-road connected convoy
Off-road connected convoy Instantly links a convoy of vehicles in any terrain and allows them to communicate up to one kilometre away.
Safe Pullaway
Safe Pullaway Can prevent collisions in traffic jams and at intersections, and complements Autonomous Emergency Braking systems.
Ingenium Petrol Engines
Ingenium Petrol Engines Deliver exceptional performance, efficiency and refinement while meeting stringent global emissions regulations.
Transcend Programme
Transcend Programme uses innovative hybrid technologies to deliver new levels of off-road performance and fuel economy improvements
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