Women in Engineering

Our women have made an exhilarating impact at Jaguar Land Rover. The driven, diverse minds behind our engineers are problem solving their way to an ever-changing future. We champion opportunities for a new generation of women and girls considering a career in engineering and pave the way for others in the industry.


Women in Engineering

We explore the inspirational stories of five women s they pursue their passion; to achieve their engineering potential.



Fuelling all parts of our engineering spectrum, from Aerodynamics to Colour and Materials Design, these empowering women share their stories.

Phoebe Lindsay
Sarah Jayne Gall
Charlie Atwell
Imogen Pierce
Michelle o'Connor
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I make every
colour look good


Colour and Materials Designer

Dreaming of a sustainable future, Phoebe is an expert in both engineering and industrial design, taking every opportunity that life throws at her. She moved over from the East Coast of Australia to work for Jaguar Land Rover and achieve her dreams.

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I’m not scared
of my energy


Body Engineer, delivering electrification

From tinkering with her grandpa’s old radio, to getting under the bonnet to fix an engine, Sarah Jayne never misses an opportunity to solve a problem. Now top of her game at Jaguar Land Rover, she leads a large team of Body Engineers.

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I open my
own doors


Door Build Engineer, Build Planner

From the very beginning, Dr. Charlie Atwell has never held back. Pursuing her talents through nine years at university, she is now an important part of the Jaguar Land Rover team. Progressing from Door Build Engineer, to looking at the overall section as a Build Planner.

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I never get
dragged behind


Aerodynamics Engineer

It was not until an internship at Jaguar Land Rover, that Imogen realised the impact she could have. Developing a vital air duct, inspired her career as a key part of the Aerodynamics team.

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I never take
a back seat


Forward Model Architectures Engineer

Born in Michigan, Michelle started her engineering career from a young age, racing and building cars with her brothers. Growing this passion at Jaguar Land Rover whilst still having a family, gives her the perfect work-life balance.

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