From Property to Purchasing. From HR to IT. From Finance to Marketing, Sales and Service. Every role in every business area offers unique opportunities to make an impact on the world stage.



    Business Areas

      • Providing independent assurance to the Audit Committee, our world-class Audit & Compliance teams ensure our organisation’s risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating efficiently and effectively.

      • Business Protection ensures a safe and secure environment for employees, contractors and visitors, and protects the company’s components, property, proprietary information, product, and reputation

        The team promotes a proactive approach to protecting the business and all its assets. It also helps develop and implement emergency response planning.

      • There are a number of teams that fall with this area of our business. All of them play a vital role in our success. Between them, they are responsible for our corporate strategy, our product cycle, our business plans and our global expansion, as well as our relationships with Financial Services partners. They also oversee all our activities in the areas of corporate social responsibility, the environment and government affairs.

        Government Affairs

        Sitting right at the heart of the business, this small and highly effective team ensures we have global influence on policy and the political environment, wherever it may affect our commercial success. Our commitment to capital investment and our rapid global growth mean the team is facing more challenges and opportunities than ever before.

        Corporate Strategy

        Mergers and Acquisitions. Joint venture projects. Technology sharing. External sales of components or systems. These are the sorts of business opportunities that our Corporate Strategy team identifies and develops.

        Corporate Social Responsibility

        This team takes a strategic approach to CSR, ensuring that sustainability is embedded at all levels of our business. They focus on achieving excellence in a number of areas, including:

        • Long-term profitable sustainable growth
        • Investment in clean technology
        • Innovative low-carbon vehicle solutions
        • Driving environmental innovation throughout our business
        • Investing in people and creating sustainability change
        • Dynamic partnerships with our supply chain
        • Adding value to our local and global communities

        Global business expansion

        As our business moves increasingly into other countries around the world, this team works on both the strategy for expansion and on managing each expansion project to completion.

        Financial Services

        This team plays a key role in managing the operations of external Financial Services partners globally. The aim is to ensure those partners provide wholesale and retail finance and insurance products which meet the needs of our customers, dealers and NSCs.

      • Join this team, and you’ll be helping to fuel our growth on a global scale. Finance not only sits at the very heart of our organisation, but it also affects every element of everything we do. So the decisions you make here will ripple through our business and, ultimately, all around the world.

        The team is responsible for controlling and reporting all income and spend for each of the business areas. It is also responsible for developing corporate financial strategy, consolidation and management reporting of corporate financial data, accounting and cash management, financial controls, and tax management.

        Here are just some of the challenges you could get involved in, as part of our finance team:

        • Corporate finance, including accounting, tax, treasury and audit
        • Manufacturing operations
        • Product development and sales
        • Financial analysis
        • Funding modelling
        • Budget creation and forecasting
        • Nothing is more important to us than the safety and wellbeing of our people. So our dedicated occupational health and safety professionals play a key role in the business.
        • Join the team, and you’ll be part of setting progressive health and safety standards that enable us to deliver global excellence while achieving zero harm.
        • The team has an extremely varied remit, with responsibilities ranging from monitoring operational safety performance through to supporting 18001, liability claims and internal audit activities. They also support training activities and proactively lead the development of our safety culture.
        • As recognised experts, they are consulted by all kinds of people, including safety representatives, local committees and external authorities. They are skilled at interpreting legislation and can provide competent legal guidance and general support.
      • It takes exceptional people to grow our business and bring our vehicles to life. To attract, retain and develop those people, it takes an exceptional HR team.

        Become part of it, and you’ll enjoy an exceptionally broad HR career path, with potential challenges including:

        • Negotiating change with our Trade Unions
        • Advising board directors on business unit organisation
        • Producing training and development programmes
        • Building positive senior relationships throughout the business
        • Managing the performance and developing the skills of all our employees
      • Every moment of every day, IT keeps Jaguar Land Rover moving in the right direction. Without it, our business simply cannot evolve.

        So the projects you work on here will have a real impact.  Your ideas and solutions will not just help manage operations – they will transform the business and, ultimately, affect how every one of our functions works.

        Here are some of the opportunities you can look forward to:

        • Providing consultancy to the business
        • Supporting process re-engineering
        • Building strong relationships with key suppliers
        • Working with customers to define their needs and then providing recommendations for action
        • We employ specialist teams in Legal Affairs, Risk and Compliance, Patents and Audit.
        • Legal Affairs are responsible for corporate governance, protection of intellectual property and the development of commercial contracts. They also ensure compliance with any legal requirements and pre-empt and defend any legal challenges to the company worldwide.
        • Risk and Compliance help us adhere to relevant laws and regulations, while ensuring ethical and proper principles are embedded within the business.
        • The Patents team work closely with our people in R&D to identify and evaluate inventions before preparing, filing and prosecuting patent applications in the UK and overseas. They also support the eventual commercialisation of the patent portfolio.
        • Audits cover operational, commercial, compliance, and financial controls. They provide assurance to the Audit Committee that the business is operating in a controlled and ethical manner, meeting all legal and regulatory requirements.
        • Jaguar and Land Rover are two of the world’s most iconic luxury brands. Every day we are reaching more customers, and our network of well over 2,000 dealerships continues to expand around the world. As our global marketplace extends further, we need to provide more customers than ever before with an unrivalled experience. You will see that we do.
        • We have two completely separate brand teams for Jaguar and Land Rover. Each defines and enacts the values of its own brand. Key activities include market research, volume planning, vehicle market launch planning and global customer communications and experience.
        • Our global sales and service teams are responsible for all customer-facing activities, from developing and maintaining the dealer network to managing importers and export partners. Their responsibilities continue through to global sales planning and supply of vehicles to markets, the sales process to customers, and all global customer service and aftersales activities. 
      • This expert team of PR communicators is responsible for globally promoting and protecting an outstanding reputation for the company, the brands, the products and the leadership team.

        • This involves managing relationships with automotive and business media in the UK and globally through a network of global PR Managers. It also includes the planning and execution of Global Media Product Launches and Motorshows. Communications and Public Affairs is also responsibile for communication with our employees.


      • As our global business continues to grow, our property team grows with it. Join the team, and you can play an instrumental part in managing our real-estate assets around the world. It is a diverse portfolio of properties that includes everything from test tracks to training facilities. Your overarching aim will be to ensure that it meets operational needs, while also having the flexibility to support our strategic vision.


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