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Perfection can always be perfected. That




    When the world views our vehicles, they see power, performance and luxury - the ultimate in engineering excellence. But do you see how greatness can be made greater still? Discover if you've got the expertise and attitude we need to push us further.


    The Range Rover, with its power, versatility and durability, is one of our most capable on and off road vehicles. Which of the following applies to you? (Please tick all that apply).

    • You've bettered the best.

      Engineering Quality combines engineering expertise and understanding with commercial prowess. It looks like you've got what it takes to succeed in this influential area of the organisation.

    • You've almost bettered the best.

      Engineering quality combines engineering expertise and understanding with commercial prowess, so you'll need all three to succeed in this influential area of the organisation. Whilst the right experience is vital, it can be gained. The right attitude and mindset is just as important to push us further. So why not carry on and discover if your ambition matches ours?

    • You haven't bettered the best.

      Engineering Quality combines engineering expertise and understanding with commercial prowess, so you'll need all three to succeed in this influential area of the organisation. Whilst the right experience is vital, it can be gained. The right attitude and mindset is just as important to push us further. So why not carry on and discover if your ambition matches ours?

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    The innovative aerodynamic silhouette of the Jaguar XE makes it our most fuel efficient vehicle to date. You've developed an out-of-the-box solution your team is sure will solve a problem in the best way for the business, but the colleague you've asked to implement it disagrees. Do you?

    • You've almost excelled excellence.

      Collaboration and consultation is the key to the success of our business, but it can slow things down. That's why in Engineering Quality, we use solid metrics and data findings to back up our suggestions.

    • You haven't excelled excellence.

      Respecting our colleagues is an important part of our culture. But it's just as important to have the confidence to champion suggestions, especially when they can be backed up by solid metrics.

    • You've excelled excellence.

      Engineering Quality offers the opportunity to impact the direction our business takes, so having the confidence and influencing skills to champion suggestions, backed by clear evidence, is key.

    • You haven’t perfected perfection.

      Being careful with our resources is important. But in Engineering Quality, and across JLR, we strive to find the solution that best resolves the issue indefinitely, no matter the cost or time involved.

    • You've almost perfected perfection.

      Using experience to overcome an issue is great so long as we don’t become complacent. Engineering Quality looks at an issue from every angle and uses our expertise to create innovative solutions.

    • You've perfected perfection.

      Excellence in engineering is only achieved by adhering to the highest standards and setting the benchmark the rest of the industry can only follow.



    Fast, agile and distinctive, the F-TYPE is a true Jaguar sports car, the latest model in a distinguished bloodline. You've just established the manufacturing processes for a new vehicle line and briefed the plant. What next?

    • You've almost made great, greater.

      You're clearly conscientious about your work. But in Engineering Quality, we keep in regular communication with other areas to ensure processes and standards are being adhered to.

    • You've made great, greater.

      Clear communication and taking ownership of every project is how our Engineering Quality team ensures we continue to set the benchmark for engineering excellence across the industry.

    • You haven't made great, greater.

      It’s exciting to take on new challenges. But in Engineering Quality, we take full ownership of every project – ensuring that business standards are maintained for the duration of production.



    Aluminium intensive architecture makes the Jaguar XF one of our most agile and responsive vehicles to date. Your goal is to implement a single Engineering Quality agenda across all JLR facilities, and you need to set the ball rolling. How do you go about it?

    • You've refined the finest.

      Input from all facilities is important, and Engineering Quality ensures that this is done constructively by leading discussions, and providing support and steer, so we can move forwards together.

    • You've almost refined the finest.

      Our goal isn't to implement unrealistic or unachievable processes, it’s to ensure everyone is working towards the same goals together. Sometimes, too much consultation can hinder this.

    • You haven't refined the finest.

      Setting new benchmarks for quality and ensuring everyone is working towards the same goal is a challenge, one that will only be achieved by offering strong, ongoing support to facilities.


      Leader. Influencer. Analyst. Problem solver. Pioneer. As part of our globally-minded Engineering Quality team, you'll be all this and more. You've learnt what it takes to drive our continued success across the world. To see the best. And strive to make it better still. Now, discover more about the current opportunities available in this most impactful area of our business.

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    Area Overview

    At Jaguar Land Rover, it is not enough to accomplish excellence today. But tomorrow too.

    We’re searching for globally-minded leaders; experienced automotive engineering professionals who will push us further. Those who see perfection. And strive to perfect it still.

    The role of Engineering Quality is to determine, and then re-determine what world-class means for our vehicles and the customers who drive them. Join us, and you’ll be part of the expert team constantly seeking out ways to improve the operating systems, manufacturing processes and methods used by Jaguar Land Rover to ensure we stay ahead of the competition and the industry.

    Combining expert diagnosis, innovative problem-solving, effective implementation and an industry-wide view, Engineering Quality are the guardians of our reputation for unrivalled quality. The driving force helping us to realise our ambitions now, and well into the future.


    Making Great, Greater


    We utilise expert diagnosis, innovative problem-solving, effective implementation and a business-wide vision to ensure our vehicles don’t just meet expectations, but exceed them. Time and time again.




    Engineering Quality is an area that combines technical engineering expertise with commercial prowess, so you’ll need both to succeed as part of this key team. We look for technical problem-solvers, people at home in an automotive or manufacturing environment who possess a solid understanding of Six Sigma methodology and its application. And because Engineering Quality drives continuous improvement across every area our business, it’s vital our leaders and engineers understand the objectives and processes of other functions, such as manufacturing, supplier management and technical services, and how they work together.

      • Taking the lead on strategy, targets and analysis, you’ll use your sound engineering knowledge to build strong Engineering Quality agendas, which you’ll reinforce with sound metrics. Driving progress on current model improvement plans and liaising with suppliers for test work, we’ll expect you to support the development of customer and forward model quality operating system processes. And of course, we’ll also expect you to be able to confidently and assertively present your suggestions at all levels and to all areas of the business.

      • Managing one of our Engineering Quality teams, you’ll develop and lead an intelligent Engineering Quality agenda, resolve and troubleshoot any problems that may arise and work with our manufacturing and production engineering teams to establish Best Practice methodologies. A key stakeholder in cross functional meetings, we’ll look to you to influence process change in other areas of the business, using metrics and data to reinforce your suggestions. And of course, as Group Leader, you’ll act as an inspirational and technically-knowledgeable manager to your team of Engineering Quality engineers, leaders and data analysts.

      • An innovative thinker, you’ll help to define problems, locate the source and propose sound solutions that are both commercially and technically viable. Driving progress on current model quality improvement plans, and preventing the recurrence of any issues that arise, you’ll support the development of current and forward model quality operating system processes. We’ll also expect you to carry out data analysis and drive problem definition to clearly identify customer concerns.


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