Material, Planning & Logistics

Our commitment to sourcing only the highest quality products for our vehicles has taken us all over the world. Join us, and it will be you coordinating a supplier base of thousands, ensuring the right part arrives at our plants at precisely the right time.



    Area Overview

    Every minute of every day, thousands of parts and materials from all over the world are shipped and delivered to our plants, ready to be utilised on our production lines within hours. At the same time, hundreds of customers from across the globe are handed the keys to their newly transported vehicles. A feat like this doesn’t just happen. Behind this momentous undertaking are our Material Planning & Logistics team, coordinating on a massive scale to ensure our vehicles continue to roll smoothly off the production lines and into the hands of the customers awaiting them.

    From the highest grade Italian leather to the finest grain American hardwood, our vehicles are a showcase of the very best products the world has to offer. And it takes a world-class team to ensure every part is distributed, every vehicle delivered and every supplier prepared to meet the ever-growing demands of our business. Join us, and you’ll work alongside expert professionals whose logic and determination is unparalleled in the industry, and whose daily efforts are driving the growth of our iconic brands across the world.



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