Product Development Engineering

    • As part of our Powertrain Engineering team, you’ll be the driving force behind our vehicles. Performance. Sustainability. Refinement. You’ll find the perfect balance between these elements, all while responding to the environmental issues that affect our industry. With the aid of revolutionary technologies, you’ll design world-class engines that make our vehicles exactly that – world class.

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    • This team is one of the most experienced of its type in the UK, and has the knowledge and talent to hold its own against the best body engineers anywhere in the world. There is a good reason for that. From iconic body styling to interior detail, from doors and windows to whole cabin systems, everything about our vehicles has to be perfect. It is what customers expect from a luxury brand. And it is what this team makes happen. Join them, and you’ll help us to stay at the forefront of vehicle innovation and research, and to build on our position as a highly competitive brand in a highly competitive marketplace.

    • Suspension. Engine mounts. Wheels and tyres. To provide an exceptional driving experience, every chassis component needs be honed to perfection. And that takes all kinds of people, from designers to project managers. Could you be part of our chassis engineering team?

    • Here, you’ll design, develop and shape the future of our electronic systems. How? By helping us find visionary developments in everything from hybrid vehicles and infotainment to advanced electronic systems integration and electrics.

    • Using state-of-the-art facilities, you’ll provide the power behind our vehicles. You will find the ideal balance between performance and sustainability, while responding to the environmental issues that shape our industry.

    • This is the key technical department for the product creation process, leading the engineering from concept to customer. There are three parts to it: Attribute Quality & Process, Vehicle Integrity Team and Vehicle Engineering Management.Working here, you’ll give our vehicles their unique characteristics. How they drive. How safe they are. Even how they sound. It is all part of creating vehicles that delight customers and set us apart from the competition.


      Cars that drive themselves. Showing awareness of their environment. Built by the software engineering team at our new site in Shannon. We’re making a significant investment in the research and development of driverless technology. We’ll continue to grow the workforce to support this, too, and make significant investments into their training and development.

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