Programme Areas

    • See your inspiration come to life. Invigorate our existing vehicles and help shape new ones.
      With ongoing training and development we offer a great variety of pathways, roles and projects you can take on – from new concept development, to detailed system engineering and prototype progression for all our award-winning vehicles.
      The future is unknown. Our evolving technology is endless. Where will your vision, creativity and ambition take you?

        With the exhilarating evolution of the modern car – from brakes, suspension and engine mounts to steering, tyres and wheels – every component needs to be honed to perfection. Deliver the driving experience that our discerning customers expect.
        Test drive your skillsets and find new ones as you bring your eclectic engineering mix to the table. From mechanical and chemical, to thermodynamic and electrical, Controls and Calibration is the department for a true all rounder. Get to know the customer’s exact needs, developing their requests right through to the finish line. You are the in-between, translating precisely what the customer asks for and making sure they are completely satisfied when they get behind the wheel.
        To deliver our future vehicle programmes, we need the most advanced tools, processes and technologies. You steer the journey from start to finish, leaving no questions unanswered and no possibilities unexplored. You’ll develop valuable management skills by liaising with suppliers, run the programme governance and align on marketing and manufacturing strategy. That’s what you’ll provide in our incredibly diverse operation.
      • RESEARCH
        Invent and create ideas, and put them to the test. In Research, you’ll be collaborating with industry experts to make your ideas a reality. You’ll have a great level of responsibility from the beginning, and work in areas such as feasibility studies, prototype buildings, user trials and testing. Nothing is more exciting than watching your insights in motion, having an impact on our iconic brands and leaving your legacy behind.
      • SOFTWARE
        This is the future. Design and deliver the software of tomorrow – from Automated Driving, to Hybrid Power. With our code being developed by external suppliers, offshore partners or automatically generated, your understanding of the process will be crucial to the team. Join us in this field and find yourself accelerating the development of our technology, evolving class-leading infotainment, to expanding the complexities of our engine and suspension systems.
      • SYSTEMS
        As technology is advancing and becoming more complex, we need a systems engineering mindset to continue to develop cutting-edge features for our future vehicles. Engineering within Jaguar Land Rover is an exciting world of cross-functional systems of mechanical, electrical and software-enabled features. Our focus is on the future, which is why working within Systems engineering provides you with an opportunity to develop new technologies, taking them from initial concept to implementing them on our world-class vehicles. From electrification, to autonomous driving and connectivity, you’ll work across multiple disciplines and collaborate with other teams to deliver features and systems that make up our next generation of vehicles.
        We are revolutionising the way the next generation of vehicles – the vehicles of the future – are developed. By continually investing in virtual engineering and applying knowledge from high-tech industries, we deliver groundbreaking levels of performance and quality. Join us in Virtual Modelling, and you’ll work on developing new CAE tools and modelling methods to help drive the business forwards.
        Fuel the future. As the emphasis on the virtual world grows, this role becomes more important than ever. CAD involves geometric solutions that capture and embed component designs into computerised form for use throughout the company. Prepare to scope out projects, developing suitable designs to create a vision that you can watch come to life.
        Testing & Verification is the most important part of our development process. Here you will perfect a bespoke product that delivers the ultimate customer experience. You will run crash, durability, engine, transmission or emissions development tests. These tests are data driven to ensure that the results are the best they can be, giving impeccable driving experiences all over the world.
    • We have always been renowned for outstanding manufacturing – the kind that can produce a staggering 500,000 Range Rover Evoques, all before the model’s fifth anniversary. And thanks to revolutionary technology, innovative lean processes, continued investment and expansion across the globe, today it’s even more impressive and inspiring than ever before.

      Whether it’s laying out plants, new equipment or refining efficient processes or managing world-class contractors, you’ll be an invaluable part in one of our most progressive and globally-minded business areas. And with an ambitious programme of new models, increased customer demand, vehicle lines and engines in the pipeline, it’s set to become even more exhilarating.

      We need graduates with ambition and drive to help us meet the challenges ahead. Supported to reach chartered status (CEng) with the IMechE (Institute of Mechanical Engineers) or IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology), you’ll be pushed to take your career further, with the chance to work, and ultimately lead, at our facilities across the world.

        When it comes to the future, our AME teams are planning it today. Working years ahead of production, you’ll use your creativity to help translate, plan and implement engineering outputs into vehicle manufacturing, and ensure our plants are designed to achieve the best quality and efficiency.
        Taking product programmes from engineering, through pilot build and on to a flawless launch, you’ll ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction. It doesn’t get much better than overseeing the whole process, but with real responsibility from day one, that’s exactly what you’ll do here.
        The engine. Whether it’s for powerful performance or outstanding capability, it’s the heart of our vehicles. Here, you’ll work at the cutting-edge of manufacturing, seeking out and developing the most advanced technologies and techniques for the installation, commissioning and launch phases of lean, internationally-revered engine production facilities.
        Like you, we’re driven by a commitment to quality. And whether it’s our plant manufacturing processes, the construction of vehicle bodies or the application of crucial finishing touches, you’ll make sure we’re meeting, and exceeding, the high standards everyone expects.
        Our team purpose is simple; we’re here to deliver superior quality car body parts into the rest of the manufacturing teams. As our customers have high expectations of our premium products, we set high expectations for our suppliers, and ourselves. You will be part of a team at the forefront of our manufacturing engineering and production processes.
    • Bringing invaluable and expert engineering knowledge to our commercial business areas, Commercial Engineering ensures our teams – from Purchasing through to Marketing, Sales & Service – produce the incredible results that define who we are.

      You’ll enjoy real responsibility and genuine global exposure from the start. Whether you’re building relationships with suppliers, delivering exceptional after-sales service or increasing growth in new markets, it’ll be the insights, expertise and perspectives you share that will drive our excellence.

      Receiving support and coaching from industry-leading experts in your field, you’ll have the opportunity to gain relevant professional accreditation and develop the skills that will see you, and us, achieve even greater feats.

        Bringing Engineering and Purchasing data together, you’ll work with an internationally-focused team to drive our profitable growth. This will be achieved as you target core vehicle commodities; delivering the robust material cost information and expert strategic insights that influence the direction of current and future programmes.
        Covering a broad range of activities including attribute management, technical assessments, technical publications and commercial activity, our Customer Services Engineering team is part of Global Customer Services. Joining them you’ll ensure exceptional customer service and support is delivered across the world, wherever a vehicle is sold. Service Technical and Service Programmes Delivery are also part of this business area. In the former, you’ll build links with our overseas markets on a regular basis and act as the voice of the customer and dealer technician in our engineering environment. While in our Service Programmes Delivery team, you’ll help shape all future vehicle lines from concept right through to product launch by providing data and insight from customer service input.
        Within Supplier Technical Assistance you will be involved in a number of key roles, from New Model Launch to Supplier Readiness. You will help in the selection and development of our supply base, supporting quality problem management and working with developing suppliers. It is a critical role within our Purchasing team, which will see you work with key stakeholders both in and outside of the business. All so we continue to deliver the highest quality and manufacturing capability.
    • Our vehicles are globally renowned for their breath-taking quality. A quality mind-set must encompass everything we do from initial engineering and design, through to manufacturing operations and customer service excellence. Joining our Company Quality specialists you’ll use key metrics and advanced problem solving techniques to improve processes, product & customer service quality levels – and make great even greater.
      Specialising in areas such as Quality Engineering, Quality Assurance, Quality Operations, Quality Powertrain, Quality Strategy, and Product Compliance you’ll work closely with our suppliers and processes to ensure we deliver experiences our customers love for life.


        The Quality Assurance function identifies issues by analysis of data sources from customer surveys, dealer and customer feedback, as well as warranty claims. The aim is to identify projects that the company can then deploy to provide a rapid response to ensure customer satisfaction during vehicle ownership. The warranty data harvested by the team is made available to all engineering functions. This enables the engineers to analyse the data to allow structured and informed decisions to be made on current and future vehicle programmes.
        Quality Engineering works with the Product Development teams to deploy failure mode avoidance tools and processes within new vehicle programmes. The team identifies and deploys the customers’ quality requirements and expectations for new vehicle designs within Product Creation & Delivery. Furthermore, the team works across the full diversity of vehicle systems to ensure safe and compliant products for our customers at launch and during the products life.
        Quality Operations work with the Manufacturing teams within global assembly plants to ensure the flawless launch of new vehicle products. By definition of the manufacturing quality procedures and their audit, the team ensure that current production vehicles achieve the quality standards that our customers require. The team also provide engineering problem solving knowledge and support for the resolution of complex product issues within the manufacturing environment.
        Quality Strategy and Transformation (QS&T) support all areas of the business to ensure that Jaguar Land Rover has effective, benchmarked, company-wide quality systems and processes. The team define the Quality Operating System, whilst pursuing enhancements to Jaguar Land Rover’s Integrated Production System to ensure world-class manufacturing quality. The team also deliver training in quality tools, processes and techniques through Best Practice evaluation in all business areas.


    • From the Defender and the E-Type to the Evoque and the XJ, our designers have created some of the most recognisable vehicles ever made. But that’s not stopping us from looking ahead. One of our latest creations, the desirable F-PACE was imagined by a new generation of designers. And you can join them.

      We make products that customers aspire to. Whether it’s iconic body styling or flourishing interior details, your challenge will be to push the boundaries of what’s possible and keep us at the forefront of automotive style.

      The only limit to the possibilities is your imagination. With the motivation of designing for two of the world’s most iconic brands, revered design studios and an inspiring team, you’ll have everything you need to create the designs that are admired and desired. What will you come up with?

        Creating a blend of performance and luxury through the use of innovative materials, you’ll use your creativity to translate 2D concepts to 3D products in the development of interior and exterior body and trim projects.
        Our vehicles set the benchmark for innovative and high-quality design across the world. Working with our Creative Design or Experience Design areas our challenge here will be to push that benchmark ever higher. Utilising a variety of 2D and 3D media, you’ll use your vision to transform insights into global trends and your creativity to generate highly innovative product solutions that set our customers’ pulses racing time and again.
        The sweeping curves and celebrated styles of our vehicles would be nothing without the accuracy and craftsmanship of our Design Technical teams. Joining one of our key disciplines – Surfacing, Studio Engineering, Cubing Engineering and Experience Design, you’ll help to perfect the flourishing finishes that grab attention wherever they’re seen.
        Playing a crucial role in taking the biggest ideas through to the reality of production, this is a fascinating stage of vehicle development. Whether it’s in the virtual or physical world, you’ll translate concepts and data into models, all with the aim of solving the problems that will shape the final scintillating design.
    • Jaguar Land Rover Global Purchasing is responsible for the selection of suppliers of materials and services, to the right Quality, Quantity, Cost, Place and Time, and is essential to the running of the company.

      We develop and maintain a world class supplier base in order to deliver the benefits of scale, while maintaining brand integrity and are ultimately responsible for the on-going management of suppliers. We have professional and experienced employees who have a holistic view which is open, honest & fair to manage and support our suppliers.

      We have a number of different departments which make up the Global Purchasing Function. If successful you could be placed in to any of the departments within Production, Non Production, or Purchasing Support

    • To grow our business and bring our vehicles to life, we need talented people. People with very different capabilities, but all with the energy and determination that makes us who we are. You’ll be one of them yourself and you’ll help us find and develop more.
      Your task will be to attract, retain and develop the very best individuals and create a forward-looking environment where they can thrive. From producing training and development programmes to building partnerships with people across the business, you’ll work across an exceptionally broad HR career path and help us face the challenges of tomorrow.
      Responsibility will come straight away, but we’ll help you prepare for the demands by supporting you to attain CIPD (Charted Institute of Personnel & Development) accreditation. Inspired by energetic colleagues, you’ll develop the skills that will mean you’re the one driving our change.

    • Finance has, and always will be, crucial to our progress. From budgeting and forecasting, to profit planning and financial analysis, it’s a fascinating and evolving area of our business, with every idea and every decision affecting our entire operation.
      Seeking out every opportunity for improvement, you’ll turn your hand to a vast range of challenges and work with teams in Corporate Finance, Profit Planning, Manufacturing Operations, Engineering, Marketing, Sales & Service, Financial Analysis, Funding Modelling and Budget Creation and Forecasting.
      Nowhere else will you gain the experience and international exposure you will here. We’ll support your professional development with CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) accreditation, and we’ll ensure you have all you need to impact our success around the world.

    • This is where some of the most advanced supply chains in the automotive industry are planned and executed. With over 1000 suppliers located around the world, the task is to get the right part, at the right price, at the right quality, at the right time. You’ll use your logic to meet the challenge.
      Joining one of three key divisions, real responsibility will be yours from the day you join us. In our fast-paced environment, you’ll make a significant contribution to our continued success as you ensure our worldwide customer-base receives the premium experience they expect.
      Working alongside a team as ambitious as you, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to develop your professional skills whilst working towards chartered status with CILT (Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport.) Who knows where it’ll take you?

        Every minute of every day, thousands of parts are delivered to our plants, ready to be utilised on the production lines within hours. At the same time, hundreds of vehicles are shipped internationally to awaiting customers across the globe. A feat like this doesn’t just happen though. Join us here, and it will be your strategic vision meeting the challenge.
        Joining our Supply Chain, Inventory Management, Warehousing or Supply Chain Analytics teams, you’ll organise the distribution, storage and inventory management of dealer parts, ensuring their delivery to over 150 international markets world-wide – wherever and whenever they are needed.
        Working within our ever-expanding manufacturing base, our Trading Division team is responsible for the project management and delivery of Jaguar Land Rover’s global supply chains. Join us in this complex and fast-moving area, and it will be you ensuring the international import and export of parts and materials to our manufacturing plants in the UK and beyond.
    • New markets, new vehicle lines, new facilities. Our vision for the future is clear; we want to build on our success. Delivering strategically important projects that support our growing infrastructure, our Property team moves quickly to put the foundations in place that will make our ambitions a reality.
      Working with a portfolio that spans more than 30 countries, you’ll help provide the tactical advice that ensures we’re responding to operational needs. From test tracks to training facilities, the challenges you face will range across the spectrum of real estate, property management and construction.
      As our business grows so does the importance of Property. Our brand new Engine Manufacturing Centre – the most advanced ever built in the UK – is a prime example of the type of project you’ll influence and the impact you’ll have on the entire automotive industry. What legacy will you build?

    • We are after graduates with developed knowledge of multiple media platforms, digital or otherwise. You will be key in helping us deliver Jaguar Land Rover’s global PR strategy to enhance brand reputation, drive conversation and deliver great coverage through multiple channels via a network of international PR Managers.

      The scope and opportunities are vast and you could get involved in a diverse range of areas, including:

      • Developing positive brand and business stories with the aim of creating coverage across multiple sectors and types of media
      •  Work with areas around the business on the creation of stories and assets
      • Brief and manage the work of creative agencies
      • Prepare the business for global media events and motorshows
      • Create market briefs and provide support and advice for our PR Managers around the world
      • Host international media visiting Jaguar Land Rover facilities in the UK
      • Research and write global press releases / news briefs / briefing packs and media Q&As