Undergraduate Placements

If you are in the middle of your degree, and looking to supplement your academic studies with real-life projects that have a real global impact, there is no better route to take than one of our Undergraduate Programmes.

Applications reopen early September 2018

Undergraduate Opportunities

Our expanding range of Undergraduate Programmes will see you join us for anywhere between 3 and 15 months and are a great way to supplement your academic studies. Focused on you realising your potential, each programme has been designed to allow you to develop invaluable skills and gain world-class experiences. Prove yourself and it could lead to further opportunities within our organisation.

    • Our Undergraduate Placements will see you join us for a one-off 3, 6 or 12-month placement and gain first-hand experience working on real projects with real impact. If you enjoy your time with us and perform well, then you may well be offered early assessment for a place on our Graduate Programme following the completion of your course.

      Please be aware that our Undergraduate Placement opportunities are only open to penultimate-year students (i.e. students who will be returning to their final year of study following their placement with us) or those who are applying for a 12-month placement as a formal part of their degree course. This does not apply to our Sponsorship Schemes where any year of study is considered.

    • Involving a two-way commitment, you will join us every summer until you graduate, and if appropriate, you’ll also join us for your Industrial Placement too.

        Immersing yourself in our world and taking real projects from initial design to production, you can take your summer and Industrial Placement with us. Acquiring experience in our diverse operation, you could find yourself working in our specialist engineering fields ranging from Infotainment and Powertrain Control to Electrical Distribution and Body Electronics. If you think petrol is driving our cars forward today then think again. From Advanced Driver Assistance Systems to Active Chassis Systems to Infotainment, EESE is now at the core of almost everything we do.
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        New perspectives and fresh ideas. Diversity within our workforce gives us the competitive edge we want to stay out in front. Our unique training scheme has been designed to support ambitious women engineers who want to make an impression whilst studying for their degree and includes one-to-one mentoring from a female engineer within our business.
    • Whichever path you follow, your hard work and contribution deserves recognition. So as well as ongoing support and learning opportunities, you’ll receive a competitive salary. This will be around £300 per week, or £15,600 p.a. In addition, our Sponsorship Schemes pay a bursary payment of £1,500 when you return to university – on the understanding that you return for your placement the following year.

What could your future look like?

From Purchasing and Manufacturing, to Engineering and Finance, our placements will give you the opportunity to work on real-life projects and gain invaluable, world-class experience. Take a look at what some of our current undergraduates on placement have to say about their experiences at Jaguar Land Rover.

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Purchasing is a challenging and important part of our business. As a Buyer, you’ll be able to make valid contributions to major projects from the very beginning.

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Supply Chain & Logistics

Supply Chain & Logistics is all about being in the right place, at the right time. You’ll have the opportunity to take ownership and build your own processes, ensuring our customers receive the premium experience they would expect from a world-class brand.

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Marketing, Sales & Service

If you join us on a Marketing, Sales & Service placement, you’ll be working on exciting projects across multiple areas, where no two days will be the same. One afternoon you might be planning an induction event, the next you might be working together with our digital agencies, planning a new social media strategy.

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Human Resources

If you join us on a Human Resources placement, you’ll have the chance to help us attract, retain and develop the best people, and ensure that everyone is working exceptionally together to drive our business forward.

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Our Design placement is a blend of creativity and production. From minor details to entire rebuilds, you’ll get to work on projects where your imagination will know no limits.

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A crucial part of our business and where all our ideas come to life. Join us on an Engineering placement and you’ll get to work with the latest technologies, enhance our existing vehicles and help us shape new ones.

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Finance is an ever-evolving part of the business. If you join us on a placement here, you’ll be exposed to real-life situations and be given the responsibility to make decisions that can have an impact on the whole business.

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If you join us on a Manufacturing placement, you’ll see your role develop quickly. From problem-solving and analysing data to process improvement, your engineering skills will be put to use from day one.

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How have you seen your role develop since you first started?
How would you describe a typical working day?
What was a project you were proud to be part of?
What was a project you were proud to be part of?
How would you describe the undergraduate community at Jaguar Land Rover?
What’s the best thing about being part of the Undergraduate Programme?
What’s the best thing about being part of the Undergraduate Programme?
How would you describe your placement to a friend?
How would you describe your placement to a friend?

I spent my first couple of weeks shadowing senior buyers in the team on their projects to get a feel for what their day-to-day role consisted of. Now I am able to produce work that contributes to such projects, as well as leading my own.

My working hours are 8 to 4 each day but I am normally in the office around 7:45. I have a range of meetings both internal with colleagues and external with suppliers, but I still have enough time in the day to get my work done. The work I do is heavily project-based, and I’m expected to manage my own projects, so depending on how developed each project is, will depend on what is required of me. Personally, for me the office environment is welcoming and friendly but it’s also a professional place where you can focus if you need to.

Being a Construction Buyer, I have enjoyed working on the expansion and redevelopment of the Whitley site. This was very exciting as it is one of the largest procurement projects to happen at Whitley. I was asked to perform analysis work on tenders submitted by the contractors, and the evidence was used in the decision-making process when the main contractor was appointed. This was a proud moment for me because despite my lack of experience, I was able to make a valid contribution to a major project.

I really enjoyed working on the Strategic Supplier Dossier. It is a strategic document aimed to improve the relationship Jaguar Land Rover has with a key supplier, by providing recommendations based on data gathered across multiple functions of Jaguar Land Rover. It tells a story of the current state of the relationship, and what the aims are for the future. I am the co-owner of the project so I’m responsible for its delivery. I have worked with multiple employees from the supplier, and the 24 Jaguar Land Rover buyers who buy from the supplier, to gather relevant information, and held meetings with their managers and my director to review our recommendations.

I have a good group of friends outside my office who are also undergraduates and I met most of them on the first induction day. We socialise outside of work and it’s good to be able to have a group of people who are on the Undergraduate Programme as well because you can share experiences with each other.

As an undergraduate you get to be involved in multiple activities that someone who is full-time would not have time for. I have been involved in strategic relationship management, future vehicle sourcing and site visits. I was not expecting much responsibility in my role, but my team constantly rely on me and give me projects that have a significant impact on the future of the business.

The level of responsibility you get given and the respect you get from other colleagues. I have never been given small admin tasks to do. I have been tasked with real work where I can make valuable contributions.

I work in future vehicle sourcing. It's hard work but it’s worth it because when you’ll see a car on the road in a few years’ time, I will have had a part to play in it being there.

The programme has pushed me out my comfort zone and I was able to develop skills I didn't know I had and make contributions I didn't know I was capable of. It’s been an incredible experience, with inspiring people and invaluable learning.

How have you seen your role develop since you first started?
How would you describe a typical working day?
What was a project you were proud to be part of?
How would you describe the undergraduate community at Jaguar Land Rover?
What’s the best thing about being part of the Undergraduate Programme?
How would you describe your placement to a friend?

In the first couple of weeks at Jaguar Land Rover, I took the opportunity to shadow my team members and learned the role of each individual person. I made myself familiar with my building and its facilities, and regularly sat in on meetings with my manager so that I could get a glimpse of his general day-to-day work. I began with a relatively small job role, helping to manage the team’s generic inbox and assisting to run weekly reports. My role has developed since then as I now organise and lead my own meetings. I run several projects that have required me to build my own processes and reports, and I often pick up ad-hoc tasks assigned to my team because I have the confidence to tackle anything that comes my way.

I start at 7:30am most days, but my manager is flexible if I have to start/leave earlier or later, which is great. My day consists of a number of basic tasks such as reporting, managing generic inboxes and solving ad-hoc problems. I regularly interact with my team members and work alongside people from other departments and even third-party organisations. The office culture is very calm and everyone is approachable and willing to help you with tasks, whether that means taking time out of their day to sit down and work through something with you, or by pointing you in the right direction of someone who has a better knowledge of the topic.

In my first month on placement I was assigned a new project which involved managing large customer orders for one of Jaguar Land Rover's wholesalers and analysing the stock so that the large orders didn't impact our availability. This was something that I ran by myself so I felt a real sense of responsibility and ownership of the project. I built a good relationship with my main points of contact at the wholesalers and worked with them to successfully deliver parts in a structured manner. I became a trusted point of contact for them, and from their feedback, I feel that I really helped them in improving their ordering process as well.

I feel strongly involved in the undergraduate community. From week one, all of the undergraduates in my function were brought together for an introductory presentation and encouraged to get to know each other. After that, we organised our own undergraduate networking session. We took the opportunity to go on plant tours, spend time in other departments and build genuine friendships outside of work.

I think the Undergraduate Programme is an excellent opportunity to gain a true insight into 'real-world' working and it is a great chance to network and build useful points of contact that can help you in your future. As an undergraduate, people expect you to grab opportunities with both hands which is great because people in the organisation always ask you to help them on a project, or go with them to an off-site meeting/experience day because they want you to have as much exposure to the company as possible. Before I began my role, I thought I wouldn't be given much responsibility because of my lack of experience, but I was gladly surprised that was not the case, and I feel trusted and valued in my job.

It’s exciting, very challenging, a great opportunity, but most of all fun!

How have you seen your role develop since you first started?
How have you seen your role develop since you first started?
How have you seen your role develop since you first started?
How would you describe a typical working day?
How would you describe a typical working day?
What was a project you were proud to be part of?
What was a project you were proud to be part of?
What was a project you were proud to be part of?
How would you describe the undergraduate community at Jaguar Land Rover?
How would you describe the undergraduate community at Jaguar Land Rover?
What’s the best thing about being part of the Undergraduate Programme?
What’s the best thing about being part of the Undergraduate Programme?
What’s the best thing about being part of the Undergraduate Programme?
How would you describe your placement to a friend?

I spent my first couple of weeks meeting the team, having introductory sessions to the agencies we work with and meeting the various different people I would be working with. I sat down with my line manager to go through my role and what they expected of me during my placement. I shadowed my manager and other team members to gain a better understanding of what my team were working on at the moment and the various different projects in progress. I was also taken through the different business processes and methods that the agencies adopt. Since then, I have been working on a variety of projects, managing my team’s finances and engaging with the social media agencies that we implement on a global scale. Over the next few months I will also be managing a team who develops the Jaguar and Land Rover websites.

I spent the first couple of weeks getting to grips with the working environment and learning what my role entailed. The start is always slow but since being in my role I have learnt an enormous amount about Customer Relationship Management. This has allowed me to not only develop my own skills but I have also been able to apply them to help improve the CRM system within the business.

When I first started, I spent a bit of time understanding the role and what I would be required to do, but I got hands-on pretty early with completing tasks that would be part of my workload each month. As I have learned more about the business I have been able to get involved with other tasks and bigger projects. Being hands-on with suppliers and spending time offsite has been a really interesting experience. I still have my core day-to-day tasks to complete but I'm now getting involved in wider projects.

A typical working day consists of me getting in around 8:30 and finishing around 5. Normally I’ll have a couple of meetings a day, some of which may be offsite. The work I do is challenging at times but that is what has kept me interested throughout my time here so far. If there are times I am really stuck when I’m doing something, I have my manager to help me out and provide their assistance, which I find so important for my development. There is a friendly atmosphere around the office with a lot of banter. It can, of course, get quite serious at times but that is expected especially when big projects are coming to a close. The office culture is definitely relaxed and people get on really well with each other.

If I am at Whitley, I usually get in around 8, and attend various meetings with people in my team and other areas of Jaguar Land Rover. I then update action logs and trackers, help put together decks for meetings and sometimes attend conference calls with agencies. I often work at agencies in Birmingham Airport, central Birmingham and central London so the hours differ. I do not clock in and out at a certain time each day, or work a specific number of hours; it really all depends on what I am doing and where I am.

We undertook a three-week project to approve the efficiency of the creation of our main department scorecard. During the time we worked with external suppliers and I was able to run many of the meetings with them, outlining what we needed and tracking the ongoing progress that they were making. It was great to be part of an effective process improvement, whereby we were able to save the company time and money. It required a lot of work as sometimes dealing with suppliers in different locations isn't plain sailing but that made it an even more interesting and exciting project to be part of.

I have been working on a project called Product Reviews, where customers are sent an email asking if they would like to fill out a product review. If they do, we then display this review on the Jaguar and Land Rover websites. We are currently doing a pilot in Australia with the hope to roll it out globally but as we are changing suppliers at the moment, the timelines are changing. My role has been to work alongside the project lead in our team, lead weekly project update conference calls, maintain the action tracker, and create monthly reports pulled from Google Analytics to send out to senior stakeholders. For this project I have been working with stakeholders from Purchase and Service, Consumer Insights, UK NSC, the Australian market, Quality and Global Digital Marketing Communications.

A project that I completed was setting up the first Global Customer Relationship Management Conference. It was a two-day conference that got all CRM managers together from all over the world. I was in charge of finding a venue for the conference, and the hotel for 33 guests. This required me to do a lot of research and negotiation with different venues. I was then required to find transport for all the guests so that they could get to and from the venue as well as a restaurant for a 50-person dinner. I worked with internal stakeholders and the reprographics team to help make the conference a reality. The event was a huge success with everyone saying it exceeded their expectations which made me feel good about my contribution.

There is an undergraduate community; there have been several organised collective meetings within my Undergraduate Programme; being able to talk to people of interest from around the business and getting a chance to visit and learn about other areas of the business that we were previously unaware of. There have been many chances to see other undergraduates outside of work as well, and initially the Facebook group set up was a great way to get introduced to others.

Yes, although there is only one undergraduate in a team, so you only really interact with other undergraduates at lunch time. However, I am only usually in Whitley once or twice a week because I am often working at different agencies. Therefore, I do not see the other undergraduates very often although we do socialise outside of work which is good fun.

The best thing is probably the experience of working for such a reputable brand, and the levels of exposure to senior management, important projects and the engagement of other companies we work with. Being given a much higher level of responsibility than I expected and very much being treated as another member of the team not just the intern. I am also loving working in the digital side of marketing, which is ever-changing and fast paced.

The best part about being an undergraduate is exceeding your manager’s expectations. The different opportunities you have access to while on placement also means that if you want to gain an insight in another department you can. All you have to do is talk to your manager about it, and most of the time they are more than happy for you to broaden your horizons and learn more.

Being involved in making real improvements within the company that make a difference to the daily operations, and constantly being challenged to look at how we can improve our processes has been a great experience. I have been able to get involved in projects where I was given real responsibilities and saw the impacts they had across several business areas.

I'd say that people should be prepared to get outside of their comfort zones as there are chances while on placement here that you wouldn’t have anywhere else. Even if you’re doing things you haven’t done before that you have no clue about, there's no harm in trying and learning.

How have you seen your role develop since you first started?
How have you seen your role develop since you first started?
How would you describe a typical working day?
What was a project you were proud to be part of?
What was a project you were proud to be part of?
How would you describe the undergraduate community at Jaguar Land Rover?
What’s the best thing about being part of the Undergraduate Programme?
What’s the best thing about being part of the Undergraduate Programme?
How would you describe your placement to a friend?

During the first couple of weeks of my placement, I largely spent time shadowing my line manager to immerse me in the business, in order to contextualise myself with the way in which the business operates, the key workstreams, customer groups and the culture of the business, alongside being introduced to some key contacts. Since starting, I have seen my role develop in terms of responsibility, autonomy and the level of independence and trust put into me by my team. Initially, I received a lot of guidance and support to check that everything was going okay, whereas nine months in, I am instead receiving advice where needed, due to my development in the role. Now, I feel able to perform in my role off my own initiative, with support there as and when required from the relevant people, having built relationships with various stakeholders in the business.

I spent the first couple of weeks being given inductions to all the varying functions within Human Resources and I had a number of one-to-one meetings with the members of my direct team. With the support of my line manager, I was then slowly introduced to the projects which my team were involved in. Now, seven months into my placement, I see myself contributing increasingly more, taking ownership of many tasks and even projects.

Every day is different for me. Some days I will be working in the office, some meeting colleagues at our different sites, and some a combination of both! The office is a relaxed environment with hot-desking facilities, so you can work alongside a different team member each day. The OneHR collaboration space is an easy casual meeting area, to take discussions away from the desks, helping to break up the day which keeps everyone active and engaged. I undertake a variety of tasks throughout the week, making my role very diverse, including desk-based tasks and working with my customer groups, Global Corporate Functions, alongside my team.

Developing capability frameworks for the organisation and improving the process of recruitment, onboarding and retention of undergraduates. I have also enjoyed hosting focus groups and liaising with internal stakeholders as well as with external companies in order to effectively investigate the area. I also worked on a project around workforce planning, identifying the critical skills required in the business for the future. As part of this project, I particularly enjoyed being given the responsibility of leading a Brexit analysis, where I examined raw retention and application figures to establish trends for future initiatives.

I worked on a project to create excellence awards for one of the corporate functions. I was proud to be part of this project because I knew it was to make a difference to individuals within the function, and ensure they are recognised for their positive behaviours in the workplace. As part of this, I developed the awards alongside employees from the function, and communicated with the leadership team and key stakeholders to gain support and momentum ready for the awards to be implemented in the coming months.

Through the initial Facebook group, networking lunches and regular social events; it is fair to say that there is certainly an undergraduate community feel at Jaguar Land Rover. I personally live with three other undergraduates from different business areas, two of whom I became friends with originally through the Facebook group set up by the business.

The best things about my experience on the Undergraduate Programme at Jaguar Land Rover is the exposure to real business problems. It has given me an insight into the diverse activities undertaken by the function for an international business. This opportunity has exceeded my expectations in terms of the autonomy and responsibility placed upon me, but also the support network available to deal with any challenges. The most significant difference, was that I expected an extremely corporate environment, when in fact everyone is welcoming and it is a great environment to work in.

I personally believe the best thing about the placement is that not only do you enhance your employability through varied work on such a prestigious brand, but there is also the added prospect of it being a stepping stone onto the graduate scheme.

It’s an exciting, tough and tremendously rewarding opportunity to develop myself both technically and interpersonally, largely contributing to enriching my overall employability.

How have you seen your role develop since you first started?
How would you describe a typical working day?
What was a project you were proud to be part of?
How would you describe the undergraduate community at Jaguar Land Rover?
What’s the best thing about being part of the Undergraduate Programme?
How would you describe your placement to a friend?

My first weeks were spent completing a training course in specialised surface modelling software. It was crucial to get an understanding of the software in order to work on the Class A models produced in surfacing. The course involved lectures, tutorials and exercises which lasted a total of three months. Once the course was completed, I was able to join production surfacing and worked as part of the interior team.

Parts are assigned to you by your manager or project leader. When you’re working on a project, you are given a responsibility to complete your part to a designer's satisfaction, while reaching the engineering and manufacturing feasibility conditions. These conditions usually involve working to dye lines, manufacturing processes, material finishes and gap tolerances. You have regular interactions with the assigned designers from the studio as you create the different parts to their conception and specifications. Working in surfacing can be very independent as people focus on building up their parts. But people are friendly and always happy to help if you are stuck and are unsure what to do. They have years of experience and knowledge about the software and it is important to absorb as much as you can to increase your understanding.

One of the first projects was a new production car, my contribution towards this consisted of helping with the innovation of pieces of the interior trim. Another project I was involved in was an update for a car currently in production. This was a different experience as we could directly review the new models compared to the pieces on the current car and gauge the level of improvement. My involvement with this project included pieces all over the car in areas such as the instrument panel, console, steering wheel, and the front and rear doors. My contribution varied depending on each part. Some only needed minor adjustments to the new surfaces in order to meet specified release tolerances. Other parts required entire rebuilds that took extended periods of time to complete.

There is a strong undergraduate community within Jaguar Land Rover. People first meet each other through the undergraduate Facebook page that you are added to once you've signed your contract. This was how I met my three other housemates. Once our placements began, social nights were also organised through this group.

The best thing has been the skills and experience that I have gained since I have started. The amount of training and monetary resources invested in me by Jaguar Land Rover has been tremendous. The amount of time, effort and patience invested by my line manager, and members of the interior team has been outstanding. I have also found that within my role, you're given real responsibility and work that has an effect on the actual cars.

Wonderful opportunity, invaluable skills and experience, CV boosting, foot-in the-door, real industry insight.

How have you seen your role develop since you first started?
How have you seen your role develop since you first started?
How would you describe a typical working day?
How would you describe a typical working day?
What was a project you were proud to be part of?
How would you describe the undergraduate community at Jaguar Land Rover?
How would you describe the undergraduate community at Jaguar Land Rover?
What’s the best thing about being part of the Undergraduate Programme?
What’s the best thing about being part of the Undergraduate Programme?
How would you describe your placement to a friend?

The first few weeks were spent understanding my team’s specific subject knowledge and understanding its various roles. Since then I have been given various projects, from developing a Level 3 parking feature, creating concept HMI wireframes, and research into Level 4 autonomy coverage. Initially, the trust that my team put in me was daunting, but it has massively helped my development. One of the things that I have enjoyed most at Jaguar Land Rover is the creativity that my role allows. Coming from an engineering background at university, where the majority of work has a right or wrong answer, I have thoroughly enjoyed starting with a blank sheet of paper and developing my own ideas and concepts for the features and wireframes.

For the first few weeks I was mainly settling in; I did tours of the site, networked with the people I would be working with, and completed online and instructor-led training for my area’s programmes and processes. Since those first few weeks I have gained significant responsibilities within my team, taking on entire projects from beginning to end and addressing significant customer warranty issues. I have been given more and more autonomy in my role as I have become more competent in the team.

Working hours in my team are long, as resources are limited, but I enjoy the work and do not mind putting in a little extra, especially as this is probably offset by coffee breaks! I get into the office by 7am, and usually leave around 4pm. I have a handful of regular weekly meetings where my presence is essential, and a few team meetings that are used as forums for reviewing technical issues and discussing operations. Work is very busy and there's not often a dull moment, it certainly keeps you busy. My team is really good, and probably the best thing about my placement. They are a great group of people with plenty of experience and knowledge to draw upon, but more importantly, they make the office an enjoyable place to be.

A typical day for me consists of replying to emails in the morning and catching up on activities in China that have taken place overnight. I then chase approvals for financial and manufacturing requests to progress my projects. By early afternoon, someone has usually asked me to assist with a line trial or to look at a new issue, this means I then need to go and look on the line, in the car parks and at the E-Cubes to validate issues and their fixes. This varies though; some days I will spend all day in the office working on CAD changes and liaising with suppliers, other days I will spend the entire time in and around the build halls, conducting line trials and validation tests.

Recently I identified a cost save of 18p per vehicle, just by removing the packaging from a piece of NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness) foam. After discussing this with the operatives on the line, I found that it would also save time as they currently had to pierce the bag before fitment. I also had to work closely with NVH in order to validate that the removal of the bag would not increase road noise. This was the first change that I had started and finished by myself, and the change went through quickly and efficiently. I was very proud to have been able to implement this as the total cost save, over the lifespan of two vehicle lines, was £250,000.

At the start of the programme we were introduced to all the other undergraduates on the first day, and then we had a separate undergraduate induction for Vehicle Engineering, that allowed closer networking. Through this we set up a weekly Friday lunch catch up. In addition, I got involved in an existing weekly 5-a-side football event which I then asked other undergraduates to join. Now around half of the players each week are undergraduates, and we are from various departments across the business. I am aware there is a Graduate Sports Network and Graduate Events, as I have been involved in some of these activities, however perhaps it would be good to have an undergraduate equivalent, or incorporate the two together.

The undergraduate community at Jaguar Land Rover almost feels like a family, especially those on the Women in Engineering Sponsorship. You can go to them any time with questions or just for a chat; everyone is in the same boat!

The best part for me has been feeling like a fully-fledged member of the team; it doesn’t feel like I’m an undergraduate at all. Jaguar Land Rover invests a lot of time and money in developing you and your skills – you feel valued. It has given me a real insight into what working life is like, and has taught me how to handle stress, a work/life balance and large responsibilities. Working life no longer seems like a daunting prospect after university and my goal is to work at Jaguar Land Rover. This is an excellent way to get your foot in the door and prove your worth as a potential hire. Plus, the bursaries for the Women in Engineering sponsorship scheme help vastly in bulking out the student budget!

I have been given a lot of responsibility within my team that has allowed me to develop a lot greater than I had anticipated. Having the freedom and creativity in my role has also changed my approach to my tasks for the better. Both of these aspects have exceeded my expectations. In addition, the team I work with are a great group of people with plenty of experience and knowledge to draw upon, and they have been the catalyst for the aspects mentioned above. But more importantly, they make the office an enjoyable place to be.

Great! It took some getting used to, early starts were a killer to begin with, but it has really helped me to get used to working full-time and I would recommend it to anyone with a drive to succeed!

How have you seen your role develop since you first started?
How would you describe a typical working day?
What was a project you were proud to be part of?
How would you describe the undergraduate community at Jaguar Land Rover?
What’s the best thing about being part of the Undergraduate Programme?
How would you describe your placement to a friend?

My first few weeks were spent being introduced to the various teams and functions within Trading Division, getting brought up to speed on my own job role, and learning the inner day-to-day workings of the business. Initially, it was a lot of information to take on, and difficult to digest. My training was mainly on-the-job. My supervisor would take me through processes and tasks during the role, rather than structured, classroom-based learning. After a couple of months, I felt fully integrated into my working team, and confident in my ability to carry out processes. In the run up to Christmas, I began to feel like a fully-fledged employee.

Typically, my working day runs from 8 to 4:30, with a half an hour lunch (for a cheeky trip to Tesco to get a meal deal). Throughout the day, I will typically have a couple of meetings, but when it comes to the end of the month I have a lot more meetings and reviews with vendors.

The project I was set at the beginning of my placement was to create a high-level executive financial summary document that was to be distributed to management and directors. The aim of this project was to create a quick-and-easy-to-use, high-level reference that would influence management decision-making. Having no structure or template to begin with, the most challenging but rewarding part of this project was having a blank canvas to create my own.

Within Trading Division, there is a strong bond between the undergraduates and graduates. Getting involved in activities outside of working hours, such as 5-a-side football, has helped me to get to know and develop relationships with other graduates and employees outside of my direct contact.

The greatest advantage of being on the Undergraduate Programme is the exposure to real-life working environment challenges and situations, and developing yourself to tackle these challenges. Compared to university, the Undergraduate Programme gives a better and more realistic insight into the world of work, and the experience to leapfrog over other candidates when applying for further jobs in the future. It is very encouraging to witness your own personal development and increased responsibility too, as you progress through the programme. It is a great opportunity to gain a good understanding of a particular working area that you're interested in, with so many extracurricular opportunities available.

Challenging but rewarding. Definitely worth it, I would encourage anyone to apply.

How have you seen your role develop since you first started?
How have you seen your role develop since you first started?
How would you describe a typical working day?
What was a project you were proud to be part of?
What was a project you were proud to be part of?
How would you describe the undergraduate community at Jaguar Land Rover?
What’s the best thing about being part of the Undergraduate Programme?
How would you describe your placement to a friend?

When starting it was necessary for me to spend a lot of the time shadowing people in my team, learning about what tasks the different team members do, but mainly to get a general feel of the company and how the department I was going to be working in operates, relative to the wider business. Since then I have become a lot more confident in my own role in the team. I know my way around the site and different departments well, and therefore no longer require to be constantly shadowing someone or having them talk me through everything. I feel like I constantly add value to the team now.

The first couple of weeks were spent getting up to speed with the project I was going to be involved in. After that initial introduction period, I was essentially thrown in at the deep end and given an important project which I eventually brought to completion a few months later. Ever since then I have been treated like a valuable asset and given real responsibility.

Working hours in my department are normally 7:30 to 4. Depending on where I'm based, the nature of work varies quite a lot. If based in Wolverhampton, a lot of the day could be spent beside the production line solving issues in real-time and getting to know the engine production process. When I am based in Whitley, the work tends to be more to do with meetings and visualising how future projects may come together. Office culture is really good because everyone is willing to go out of their way to help you with any problems or questions you may have.

I feel particularly proud to be a part of launching the new vehicle and contributing to it. I have been a key part in developing a system for adding and changing what quality checks we have in place while building the cars. I also pride myself in gaining a good understanding of who does what across the plant as I have had the task to raise a lot of quality issues to the correct engineers, suppliers, process leaders, etc. Speaking face to face with people in the business has been essential to gaining a better understanding of problems and fixes we face during the launch of a new model.

The first project I was given was to develop a sign-off process for all the manual workstations on an engine production line. This sign-off process was essential in being able to hand the line over to the production engineering team and move onto the next project. I drew up a draft sign-off pack and made sure all signatories were happy, then I was able to go ahead and do the same for each station. Looking back, this was quite a big task and we were under a lot of pressure to complete the procedure in as little time as possible. From initial development right through to the completion of the project it took around six months, so I am very proud of my achievement.

The undergraduate community is good. I actually live with four other undergraduates. It's easy to find people to live with during your placement; there are various sports and activities you can get involved in as well.

The amount of experience gained is like nothing you can learn elsewhere at university or in education. I was also impressed by how prepared my team was for accepting me on my first day and having things ready for me. This should be something I praise Jaguar Land Rover for as it immediately gave me some sense of worth in my position as an undergrad even though I had very little skills and knowledge of my new work place compared to what was to come. It is great to be able to work on “real life” issues and be able to make a real contribution to my team and feel like a full team member.

Definitely think that doing a 12-month placement is much more beneficial than a three-month placement in this company as three months will only give you time to scrape the top of the iceberg of understanding and implement yourself into your own team and department. Co-workers will appreciate and use you a lot more as you spend time getting to know them and the business.


University of Birmingham

“I completed my first three-month placement last year, and have now returned for a 15-month undergraduate placement. My project during the three months was to test the correlation of NVH Finite Element Analysis models. This involved looking at the current practices for developing and running theoretical simulations, and recreating those simulations in real life to compare the data. This project allowed me to gain an understanding into FEA and its applications, and find methods of improving it.

Jaguar Land Rover is a modern company with a friendly culture. I have a fantastic team leader who has guided me throughout my time here. She helped me improve my skills and gain as much experience as possible.

The undergraduate community at Jaguar Land Rover is incredibly supportive as well. We do weekly lunches and after-work meets, giving us the chance to share our experiences of workingin different departments.”

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Aston University

“Working as part of the Owner Experience team, focusing on developing Jaguar Land Rover’s
Body Shop Network, I’ve had the chance to take part in numerous exciting projects, such as
helping run a global conference alongside my manager. My role was to organise the
event’s agenda, locations and accommodation, and to present to delegates on the day itself. I learnt a lot, as I’d never been involved in an event this size before.

I also took part in developing a Cosmetic Repair Programme. My role was to conduct market research to support the business case and produce support material. I identified pilot locations and suppliers to work with.

My ambition is to return to Jaguar Land Rover on the Graduate Programme and make a significant impact on the future success of the business. I’m excited for what’s next.”

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Sheffield Hallam University

“I joined the Human Resources team so that I could really learn the ins and outs of the business – how to find, attract, retain and help develop the best of talent out there.

Jaguar Land Rover have offered me a lot of support and training opportunities throughout
my year-long placement. I’ve developed my communication skills and successfully formed relationships with people on all levels of the business, including senior managers.

One of the many projects I enjoyed working on, was increasing diversity at the Engineering Manufacturing Centre (EMC). I completed a plant-wide survey and ran focus groups to gain an idea of why our female employees were first attracted to work here, and to get their views on how we could encourage more women to apply. I felt this project could really make a difference and have a real and positive impact at the EMC.”

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See your inspiration come to life. Invigorate our existing vehicles and help shape new ones.
With ongoing training and development we offer a great variety of pathways, roles and projects you can take on – from new concept development, to detailed system engineering and prototype progression for all our award-winning vehicles.

The future is unknown. Our evolving technology is endless. Where will your vision, creativity and ambition take you?

Product Engineering Components

With the exhilarating evolution of the modern car - from brakes, suspension and engine mounts to steering, tyres and wheels - every component needs to be honed to perfection. Deliver the driving experience that our discerning customers expect.

Take a look at our Components case studies to see some examples of the variety we offer across roles.

Chassis - Air Suspension Team

You are responsible for creating parts that meet all functional requirements, while making sure you balance cost effectiveness against quality. Your day-to-day will be varied, depending on what stage a vehicle project is at. From agreeing and writing specifications you will design parts, manage suppliers and even carry out prototype tests and assessments. Feel the pride when you pass the parts you’ve designed on the road.

Chassis – SVO

A role within Chassis SVO can come with many responsibilities. Working in component delivery means you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of specific components and the chassis underbody as a whole. You could also have the opportunity to be involved in market research, as well as working with other engineers and new technologies to support a prototype build. While this is a very technical role, your communication skills are crucial as you’ll be in charge of ensuring deadlines are met.

Powertrain – Engine Harnesses

Powertrain is a dynamic and collaborative environment. Working within Engine Harnesses means looking at Computer Aided Design (CAD) and materials to make sure the harness fits in the engine bay, as well ensuring that the wires are packaged correctly. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with all the different teams in Powertrain and work together on delivering projects successfully.

Product Analysis and Verification Technology Development

This role will give you the opportunity to be involved in the Computer Aided Design (CAD) team or the Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) team. As a Design Engineer, you’ll have the exciting role of designing bespoke fixtures for component and full-vehicle tests. You’ll develop solutions in CAD, and you’ll be responsible for everything from 3D modelling to 2D drawings, through to manufacturing.
If you’re part of the CAE team, you’ll be responsible for analysing the designed fixtures, ensuring they meet the requirements for testing and making any recommendations for the design team on how to improve the fixtures.

Body Engineering – Body Structures

Working within Body Engineering means covering everything from initial concept of components through to the launch of the vehicle. Your role will involve a lot of design work, and working closely with the Manufacturing and Purchasing team. This will be a very rewarding opportunity, as the decisions you’ll make will directly impact tens of thousands of vehicles.

Chassis Electronics – Component Engineer

Working in this area will give you have the opportunity to develop project management skills, as well as get involved in other departments, and work on the design of electronic hardware. While many of the tasks will be performed by specialist suppliers, a large part of your role will be managing and steering project deliveries, and working with other engineers and stakeholders across the business.

SVO Electrical Integration Engineer

Working as an Electrical Integration Engineer within SVO means no two days will ever be the same. This is a very hands-on role, as you might spend one day working in one of the workshops, and the next talking to different engineering teams, ensuring that the electronic control unit in the cars work as expected. You’ll gain a deep understanding of how whole car systems work, and develop problem solving and communication skills.

Product Engineering Controls and Calibration

Test drive your skillsets and find new ones as you bring your eclectic engineering mix to the table. From mechanical and chemical, to thermodynamic and electrical, Controls and Calibration is the department for a true all rounder. Get to know the customer’s exact needs, developing their requests right through to the finish line. You are the in-between, translating precisely what the customer asks for and making sure they are completely satisfied when they get behind the wheel.

Take a look at our Controls and Calibration case studies to see some examples of the variety we offer across roles.

Hybrid Calibration

Take our electric vehicles to a whole new level. With the opportunity to fulfil a wide variety of roles, from fine-tuning the torque delivery to energy management and even working with vehicles in the virtual realm, you’ll get to tackle new problems every day day and make a real impact on the hybrid components, an integral part of our future.


Immerse yourself in the world of virtual engineering. The focus of this area is to create systems that shift vehicle testing and calibration work from prototype vehicles, to a virtual environment. HiL systems allow for automated test cases to be executed in controlled and repeatable environments on a scale that’s impossible with prototype vehicles.

Chassis Electronics - Driveline Controls and Calibration

Work with the core of every car, and make an impact on all the electronic content of the Chassis system such as Air Suspension, Active Braking Systems and Terrain Optimisation. The calibration part of your role involves tuning to meet the desired performance attributes, such as emissions and driveability.

Gasoline/Diesel Calibration

Your role revolves around the engine and exhaust system of a car. Help to tune and calibrate exhaust combustion, increase efficiency and comply with emission regulations. Get to know the complex nature of the engine as you join the vehicle tests in products and prototypes. There are a variety of roles available in the Diesel Calibration team, each offering a dynamic technical challenge.

Chassis - Air Suspension Systems

If you’ve got a dedicated eye for detail, this could be the team for you. Under carefully controlled conditions, you will collect and analyse data from vehicles and develop a calibration for the system. You’ll also identify further areas that can be improved, and you’ll work on developing the necessary tools and procedures to optimise the calibration process and increase the precision of your data-driven results.

Product Engineering Engineering Strategy & Project Management

To deliver our future vehicle programmes, we need the most advanced tools, processes and technologies. You steer the journey from start to finish, leaving no questions unanswered and no possibilities unexplored. You’ll develop valuable management skills by liaising with suppliers, run the programme governance and align on marketing and manufacturing strategy. That’s what you’ll provide in our incredibly diverse operation.

Take a look at our Engineering Strategy & Project Management case studies to see some examples of the variety we offer across roles.

Programme Attribute Team

Make sure that vehicle specifications are met in every area, from aerodynamics, performance and efficiency, to human factors and noise. You will be an important part of the team as you liaise with different sectors to agree on and meet specification targets. Take the role further as you support virtual or physical testing, developing a product to be proud of.

Vehicle Engineering - Forward Model Architecture

In this role, you’ll work on a variety of projects across the entire vehicle, seeing the development of your concepts from start to finish, and you’ll have a great impact on strategy, helping to plan future products and programmes. Or go down the project management route, managing budgets and current activities as you work with many different departments; from Design, Finance and Marketing as well as the core technical engineering departments.

Programme Management

Make everything come together. Overseeing a project from prototype to launch, you’ll be given an exhilarating level of responsibility right from the start. From ensuring all parts are available for the builds, to making sure that each stage is delivered on time, you’ll talk to every team that touches the programme. With a strong set of communications skills and an ability to multitask, you’ll be the one who makes every project happen.

Body Engineering - System Strategy and Innovation

Working in this team, you’ll develop a wide variety of skills in strategy and project management. You’ll work with engineers to ensure that projects are scoped robustly and the business case equation is clearly defined. Your overall focus will be on the development of technology for future programmes.

Product Engineering Research

Invent and create ideas, and put them to the test. In Research, you’ll be collaborating with industry experts to make your ideas a reality. You’ll have a great level of responsibility from the beginning, and work in areas such as feasibility studies, prototype buildings, user trials and testing. Nothing is more exciting than watching your insights in motion, having an impact on our iconic brands and leaving your legacy behind.

Take a look at our Research case studies to see some examples of the variety we offer across roles.

Beyond Conventional Lightweighting (BCL)

Working within research, you’ll be given a lot of responsibility from the start. You’ll have the exciting opportunity to explore new technologies in the industry, and work on projects such as using thermoplastics for lighter seating and investigating how different metals can be optimised. You’ll gain an insight into how our projects are structured and be able to see a project from start to finish.

Systems, Technologies, Research and Innovations into Vehicle Efficiency (STRIVE)

STRIVE is a team responsible with improving vehicle efficiency, with opportunities to explore areas such as aerodynamics or electrical. One of our main objectives for 2020 is to reduce our CO2 emissions by 25%, so you’ll have the chance to work with new technologies and have control over which area you want to explore, based on your strengths and interests.

Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Communications

Working in a Vehicle-to-Everything communications role involves the passing of information from a vehicle to any other entity. This could be from Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V), Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) and Vehicle-to-Pedestrian (V2P) communications, to name just a few. You will aim to provide a set of technologies that allow seamless vehicle communication, with a specific push on delivering advanced co-operative safety features and use available data to improve vehicle efficiency.

Body Engineering - Customer Focused Innovation

This role collaborates a mixture of Global Customer Insights with past customer-driven events to deliver exactly what the buyer desires. From dealing with a need for new automated vehicle features, to specific customer problems, you’ll work as a team to innovate new features. You’ll develop designs with a very holistic approach, getting to understand the consumer through your passion to deliver truly robust engineering.

Product Engineering Software

This is the future. Design and deliver the software of tomorrow - from Automated Driving, to Hybrid Power. With our code being developed by external suppliers, offshore partners or automatically generated, your understanding of the process will be crucial to the team. Join us in this field and find yourself accelerating the development of our technology, evolving class-leading infotainment, to expanding the complexities of our engine and suspension systems.

Take a look at our Software case studies to see some examples of the variety we offer across roles.

Connected Car

A key element of successful autonomous driving is allowing cars to talk to each other. A role in the Connected Car team means you could get involved in a variety of projects, from web development for the Live platform, to iOS and Android development for InControl apps and infotainment software.
If you work as part of the Connected Infotainment and Apps team, you’ll have the opportunity to work on Jaguar Land Rover’s infotainment platforms from start to finish. Whether you’re writing code, working with suppliers on the backend systems, or testing software on rigs and in vehicles, you’ll find that your role is highly dynamic and engaging.


The Telematics team deals with both hardware and software. If you work within hardware, you’ll be testing diagnostic systems and the connectivity performance of the vehicles as well as reviewing development hardware. A software role means you’ll be involved in testing and validating the software and features both on the vehicles and on rigs.

Feature Systems Engineer

Modern automated systems are highly complex, which is why your role will be crucial across multiple areas. As a Feature Systems Engineer, you’ll take specifications for a customer feature, such as Cruise Control and work on developing the functionalities it requires. You’ll be involved in every step of the process, from system modelling and simulation to interface and network architecture design, and you will make sure the software meets the required specifications.

Product Engineering Virtual Modelling (CAE)

We are revolutionising the way the next generation of vehicles – the vehicles of the future – are developed. By continually investing in virtual engineering and applying knowledge from high-tech industries, we deliver groundbreaking levels of performance and quality. Join us in Virtual Modelling, and you’ll work on developing new CAE tools and modelling methods to help drive the business forwards.

Body Engineering – CAE (Computer Aided Engineering)

Working in this team will give you the opportunity have a big influence on the design of the vehicles. You’ll work together with Component Engineers to make sure components meet requirements, and you will run simulations to improve the components and ultimately, the final products.

Thermal & Aerodynamic Systems Engineering

One of the main perks of working within the Thermal & Aerodynamic Systems Engineering team is being able to get involved very early in the design stage of the vehicles, all the way through to the end of the engineering cycle. You’ll get to work together with other parts of the business such as Design, Performance and Efficiency, and set specification targets for aerodynamics and thermal attributes of the entire vehicle.

Virtual Hub

Create vehicle models for virtual testing using data from other departments. There are various teams you could be working in. Whether it’s the creation of vehicle models, improving current processes or implementing improvements, there are plenty of areas you could explore if you want to work within the Virtual Hub.

Driving Dynamics

Virtual engineering is the future. Being part of the Driving Dynamics team means you can help us drive Jaguar Land Rover through one of the biggest changes in the last century as Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) is becoming more and more important to the business. Within Driving Dynamic, there are small teams focused on different areas, so you could be working on refining software to improve efficiency, or develop a world-leading toolset for the production of virtual tyre models. Developing electric, autonomous and connected vehicles means we need future-thinking engineers to help us design and produce the next generation of vehicles.

Product Engineering Systems

As technology is advancing and becoming more complex, we need a systems engineering mindset to continue to develop cutting-edge features for our future vehicles. Engineering within Jaguar Land Rover is an exciting world of cross-functional systems of mechanical, electrical and software-enabled features.
Our focus is on the future, which is why working within Systems engineering provides you with an opportunity to develop new technologies, taking them from initial concept to implementing them on our world-class vehicles. From electrification, to autonomous driving and connectivity, you’ll work across multiple disciplines and collaborate with other teams to deliver features and systems that make up our next generation of vehicles.

Take a look at our Systems case studies to see some examples of the variety we offer across roles.

New Feature Development

Working as a System Engineer for a new feature, you’ll contribute to the development of state-of-the-art technology. Your role will involve turning customer experience into a system model and a set of system requirements, turning “what it does” into “how it does it”. You’ll then ensure changes are applied, and work together with other teams to design a successful system. Your ability to think logically and analytically will be essential, as you’ll dive deeper into all aspects of the system.

Systems Integration

Within the Integration team, you’ll be analysing the functionality, verification and validation of systems in order to integrate them into a vehicle programme. You’ll work together with various teams across Jaguar Land Rover such as Architecture, Quality Attributes and Integrity, to deliver features and systems that make up our next generation of products.

Product Engineering Testing & Verification

Testing & Verification is the most important part of our development process. Here you will perfect a bespoke product that delivers the ultimate customer experience. You will run crash, durability, engine, transmission or emissions development tests. Push the product to its limits, ensuring it withstands every extreme condition. The tests are data driven so that the results are the best they can be, giving impeccable driving experiences all over the world.

Take a look at our Testing & Verification case studies to see some examples of the variety we offer across roles.

Off-Road Capability (ORC)

As an Off-Road Test and Verification Engineer, you are responsible for running assessments. From grassy fields and gravel tracks to sand dunes and river wading, we test on every terrain. Our Engineers work on continuously improving Jaguar Land Rover’s test capability and push the development of vehicles through many test procedures, seeing a project from the start of its development to the final sign-off date and beyond.

Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL)

The complexities of our vehicles are constantly evolving. As their autonomous features expand, our need to intelligently check them has become one of our top priorities. As a HiL Engineer, you’ll develop a variety of virtual simulation scenarios to test the electrical components for every vehicle. Your team are a vital cog in the development process, ensuring we have the highest standard of quality that our customers have come to expect.

Durability and Robustness (D&R)

As a D&R Engineer, you’ll carry out durability tests in the UK and abroad - discovering, reporting and investigating any issues. The most exhilarating aspect of working in this team is the full exposure to Jaguar Land Rover’s full range of vehicles from both brands, and the exciting opportunities to travel.

Chassis - Air Suspension Systems

If you’ve got a dedicated eye for detail, this could be the team for you. Under carefully controlled conditions, you will collect and analyse data from vehicles and develop a calibration for the system. You’ll also identify further areas that can be improved, and you’ll work on developing the necessary tools and procedures to optimise the calibration process and increase the precision of your data-driven results.

Product Engineering Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Fuel the future. As the emphasis on the virtual world grows, this role becomes more important than ever. CAD involves geometric solutions that capture and embed component designs into computerised form for use throughout the company. Prepare to scope out projects, developing suitable designs to create a vision that you can watch come to life.

Take a look at our Computer Aided Design (CAD) case study to see an example of the variety we offer across roles.

Body Engineering CAD

As a graduate in Computer-Aided Design (CAD), you’ll work closely with the experts in body engineering. This includes areas such as cabin and trim, seating, safety and more. It involves making models that can be used across our vehicle lines for a faster and more efficient production line. In the process, you’ll develop leadership and mentoring skills by owning key projects and leading teams.

Vehicle Packaging Engineering

Working as part of the Vehicle Packaging Engineering team, you’ll be responsible for the integration of geometric systems and products in the most space efficient ways. You’ll be on a mission to deliver the best possible customer experiences - from initial concept stages, to design, development and delivery. Working across the whole car, you will explore and develop innovative solutions to current problems and define key vehicle characteristics, such as the command driving position on Land Rover products. You’ll have the opportunity to optimise geometry, improve vehicle attributes and get to know how the entire architecture evolves, not just single components.

Programme Areas

    • This is where our inspiration, and yours, comes to life. Working right at the cutting-edge and utilising the world’s most advanced technologies and systems, you’ll enhance our existing vehicles and shape new ones.

      This is a huge part of our business, offering massive variety in the pathways, roles and projects you can take on – from new concept development to detailed system engineering to prototype development for all our award-winning vehicles.

        Iconic styling. Luxurious interiors. Stimulating attention to detail. Our customers expect to be rewarded before they have even sat behind the wheel. And that’s what you’ll use your determination to deliver.
        From brakes, suspension and engine mounts to steering, tyres and wheels, every chassis system and component needs to be honed to perfection. Our cars work in harmony to deliver the exhilarating driving experience that our discerning customers will expect.
        Design, develop and shape the future of our electrical and electronic systems; that’ll be your goal as you apply your technical expertise to help develop robust hard and software in our vehicles. This includes everything from hybrid vehicles and advanced control systems to class-leading infotainment, cloud-connected features and integration of consumer electronic technologies.
        This is where the drive behind our vehicles is generated. Covering the engine and power units, transmission, driveline and hybridisation, you’ll utilise leading-edge technology to find that ideal balance between performance, sustainability and refinement. It’s a balance that delivers the impeccable driving experiences our customers love.
        To deliver our future vehicle programmes, we need the most advanced tools, processes and technologies. Leaving no questions unanswered and no possibilities left unexplored, that’s what you’ll provide in our incredibly diverse operation.
      • RESEARCH
        Invent and create ideas, and put them to the test. In Research, you’ll be collaborating with industry experts to make your ideas a reality. Nothing is more exciting than having an impact on our iconic brands and leaving your legacy behind.
        From ultra-limited editions of some of our products to bespoke heritage products and the almost-tailored vehicles specified by discerning customers and VIPs alike, SO pushes the luxury and performance boundaries to create truly unique and personalised vehicles.
        From enthralling handling and dynamics to the perfectly-tuned sound of the engine, everything about Vehicle & Advanced Engineering is designed to give our cars their unique characteristics. Join us here and you’ll be leading the technical development of each vehicle, delivering the very features that delight our customers around the world.
    • We have always been renowned for outstanding manufacturing – the kind that can produce a staggering 500,000 Range Rover Evoques, all before the model’s fifth anniversary. And thanks to revolutionary technology, innovative lean processes, continued investment and expansion across the globe, today it’s even more impressive and inspiring than ever before.

      Whether it’s laying out plants, new equipment or refining efficient processes or managing world-class contractors, you’ll be an invaluable part in one of our most progressive and globally-minded business areas. And with an ambitious programme of new models, increased customer demand, vehicle lines and engines in the pipeline, it’s set to become even more exhilarating.

      We need graduates with ambition and drive to help us meet the challenges ahead. Supported to reach chartered status (CEng) with the IMechE (Institute of Mechanical Engineers) or IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology), you’ll be pushed to take your career further, with the chance to work, and ultimately lead, at our facilities across the world.

        When it comes to the future, our AME teams are planning it today. Working years ahead of production, you’ll use your creativity to help translate, plan and implement engineering outputs into vehicle manufacturing, and ensure our plants are designed to achieve the best quality and efficiency.
        Taking product programmes from engineering, through pilot build and on to a flawless launch, you’ll ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction. It doesn’t get much better than overseeing the whole process, but with real responsibility from day one, that’s exactly what you’ll do here.
        The engine. Whether it’s for powerful performance or outstanding capability, it’s the heart of our vehicles. Here, you’ll work at the cutting-edge of manufacturing, seeking out and developing the most advanced technologies and techniques for the installation, commissioning and launch phases of lean, internationally-revered engine production facilities.
        Like you, we’re driven by a commitment to quality. And whether it’s our plant manufacturing processes, the construction of vehicle bodies or the application of crucial finishing touches, you’ll make sure we’re meeting, and exceeding, the high standards everyone expects.
        Our team purpose is simple; we’re here to deliver superior quality car body parts into the rest of the manufacturing teams. As our customers have high expectations of our premium products, we set high expectations for our suppliers, and ourselves. You will be part of a team at the forefront of our manufacturing engineering and production processes.
    • Bringing invaluable and expert engineering knowledge to our commercial business areas, Commercial Engineering ensures our teams – from Purchasing through to Marketing, Sales & Service – produce the incredible results that define who we are.

      You’ll enjoy real responsibility and genuine global exposure from the start. Whether you’re building relationships with suppliers, delivering exceptional after-sales service or increasing growth in new markets, it’ll be the insights, expertise and perspectives you share that will drive our excellence.

      Receiving support and coaching from industry-leading experts in your field, you’ll have the opportunity to gain relevant professional accreditation and develop the skills that will see you, and us, achieve even greater feats.

        Bringing Engineering and Purchasing data together, you’ll work with an internationally-focused team to drive our profitable growth. This will be achieved as you target core vehicle commodities; delivering the robust material cost information and expert strategic insights that influence the direction of current and future programmes.
        Covering a broad range of activities including attribute management, technical assessments, technical publications and commercial activity, our Customer Services Engineering team is part of Global Customer Services. Joining them you’ll ensure exceptional customer service and support is delivered across the world, wherever a vehicle is sold. Service Technical and Service Programmes Delivery are also part of this business area. In the former, you’ll build links with our overseas markets on a regular basis and act as the voice of the customer and dealer technician in our engineering environment. While in our Service Programmes Delivery team, you’ll help shape all future vehicle lines from concept right through to product launch by providing data and insight from customer service input.
        Within Supplier Technical Assistance you will be involved in a number of key roles, from New Model Launch to Supplier Readiness. You will help in the selection and development of our supply base, supporting quality problem management and working with developing suppliers.
        It is a critical role within our Purchasing team, which will see you work with key stakeholders both in and outside of the business. All so we continue to deliver the highest quality and manufacturing capability.
    • Our vehicles are globally renowned for their breath-taking quality. A quality mind-set must encompass everything we do from initial engineering and design, through to manufacturing operations and customer service excellence. Joining our Company Quality specialists you’ll use key metrics and advanced problem solving techniques to improve processes, product & customer service quality levels – and make great even greater.
      Specialising in areas such as Quality Engineering, Quality Assurance, Quality Operations, Quality Powertrain, Quality Strategy, and Product Compliance you’ll work closely with our suppliers and processes to ensure we deliver experiences our customers love for life.

        The Quality Assurance function identifies issues by analysis of data sources from customer surveys, dealer and customer feedback, as well as warranty claims. The aim is to identify projects that the company can then deploy to provide a rapid response to ensure customer satisfaction during vehicle ownership. The warranty data harvested by the team is made available to all engineering functions. This enables the engineers to analyse the data to allow structured and informed decisions to be made on current and future vehicle programmes.
        Quality Engineering works with the Product Development teams to deploy failure mode avoidance tools and processes within new vehicle programmes. The team identifies and deploys the customers’ quality requirements and expectations for new vehicle designs within Product Creation & Delivery. Furthermore, the team works across the full diversity of vehicle systems to ensure safe and compliant products for our customers at launch and during the products life.
        Quality Operations work with the Manufacturing teams within global assembly plants to ensure the flawless launch of new vehicle products. By definition of the manufacturing quality procedures and their audit, the team ensure that current production vehicles achieve the quality standards that our customers require. The team also provide engineering problem solving knowledge and support for the resolution of complex product issues within the manufacturing environment.
        Quality Strategy and Transformation (QS&T) support all areas of the business to ensure that Jaguar Land Rover has effective, benchmarked, company-wide quality systems and processes. The team define the Quality Operating System, whilst pursuing enhancements to Jaguar Land Rover’s Integrated Production System to ensure world-class manufacturing quality. The team also deliver training in quality tools, processes and techniques through Best Practice evaluation in all business areas.
    • From the Defender and the E-Type to the Evoque and the XJ, our designers have created some of the most recognisable vehicles ever made. But that’s not stopping us from looking ahead. One of our latest creations, the desirable F-PACE, was imagined by a new generation of designers. And you can join them.

      We make products that customers aspire to. Whether it’s iconic body styling or flourishing interior details, your challenge will be to push the boundaries of what’s possible and keep us at the forefront of automotive style.

      The only limit to the possibilities is your imagination. With the motivation of designing for two of the world’s most iconic brands, revered design studios and an inspiring team, you’ll have everything you need to create the designs that are admired and desired. What will you come up with?

        Creating a blend of performance and luxury through the use of innovative materials, you’ll use your creativity to translate 2D concepts to 3D products in the development of interior and exterior body and trim projects.
        Our vehicles set the benchmark for innovative and high-quality design across the world. Working with our Creative Design or Experience Design areas our challenge here will be to push that benchmark ever higher. Utilising a variety of 2D and 3D media, you’ll use your vision to transform insights into global trends and your creativity to generate highly innovative product solutions that set our customers’ pulses racing time and again.
        The sweeping curves and celebrated styles of our vehicles would be nothing without the accuracy and craftsmanship of our Design Technical teams. Joining one of our key disciplines – Surfacing, Studio Engineering, Cubing Engineering and Experience Design, you’ll help to perfect the flourishing finishes that grab attention wherever they’re seen.
        Playing a crucial role in taking the biggest ideas through to the reality of production, this is a fascinating stage of vehicle development. Whether it’s in the virtual or physical world, you’ll translate concepts and data into models, all with the aim of solving the problems that will shape the final scintillating design.
    • Jaguar Land Rover Global Purchasing is responsible for the selection of suppliers of materials and services, to the right Quality, Quantity, Cost, Place and Time, and is essential to the running of the company.

      We develop and maintain a world class supplier base in order to deliver the benefits of scale, while maintaining brand integrity and are ultimately responsible for the on-going management of suppliers. We have professional and experienced employees who have a holistic view which is open, honest & fair to manage and support our suppliers.

      We have a number of different departments which make up the Global Purchasing Function. If successful you could be placed in to any of the departments within Production, Non Production, or Purchasing Support

    • To grow our business and bring our vehicles to life, we need talented people. People with very different capabilities, but all with the energy and determination that makes us who we are. You’ll be one of them yourself and you’ll help us find and develop more.

      Your task will be to attract, retain and develop the very best individuals and create a forward-looking environment where they can thrive. From producing training and development programmes to building partnerships with people across the business, you’ll work across an exceptionally broad HR career path and help us face the challenges of tomorrow.

    • Finance has, and always will be, crucial to our progress. From budgeting and forecasting, to profit planning and financial analysis, it’s a fascinating and evolving area of our business, with every idea and every decision affecting our entire operation.

      Seeking out every opportunity for improvement, you’ll turn your hand to a vast range of challenges and work with teams in Corporate Finance, Profit Planning, Manufacturing Operations, Engineering, Marketing, Sales & Service, Financial Analysis, Funding Modelling and Budget Creation and Forecasting.

    • Already admired in over 150 countries, we have ambitions to expand even further. As we discover new opportunities and breakthrough into new markets we need to provide more customers than ever before with an unrivalled experience. That’s what you’ll join our teams to do.

      Fast-moving and dynamic, every day will provide you with stimulating opportunities. Developing invaluable skills and gaining experience across multiple areas – including field sales, supply planning, parts and customer service, brand development and marketing programmes – you’ll be the one to get our customers’ pulses racing faster.

    • This is where some of the most advanced supply chains in the automotive industry are planned and executed. With over 1000 suppliers located around the world, the task is to get the right part, at the right price, at the right quality, at the right time. You’ll use your logic to meet the challenge.

      Joining one of three key divisions, real responsibility will be yours from the day you join us. In our fast-paced environment, you’ll make a significant contribution to our continued success as you ensure our worldwide customer-base receives the premium experience they expect.

        Every minute of every day, thousands of parts are delivered to our plants, ready to be utilised on the production lines within hours. At the same time, hundreds of vehicles are shipped internationally to awaiting customers across the globe. A feat like this doesn’t just happen though. Join us here, and it will be your strategic vision meeting the challenge.
        Joining our Supply Chain, Inventory Management, Warehousing or Supply Chain Analytics teams, you’ll organise the distribution, storage and inventory management of dealer parts, ensuring their delivery to over 150 international markets world-wide – wherever and whenever they are needed.
        Working within our ever-expanding manufacturing base, our Trading Division team is responsible for the project management and delivery of Jaguar Land Rover’s global supply chains. Join us in this complex and fast-moving area, and it will be you ensuring the international import and export of parts and materials to our manufacturing plants in the UK and beyond.
    • New markets, new vehicle lines, new facilities. Our vision for the future is clear; we want to build on our success. Delivering strategically important projects that support our growing infrastructure, our Property team moves quickly to put the foundations in place that will make our ambitions a reality.

      Working with a portfolio that spans more than 30 countries, you’ll help provide the tactical advice that ensures we’re responding to operational needs. From test tracks to training facilities, the challenges you face will range across the spectrum of real estate, property management and construction.

    • We are after graduates with developed knowledge of multiple media platforms, digital or otherwise. You will be key in helping us deliver Jaguar Land Rover’s global PR strategy to enhance brand reputation, drive conversation and deliver great coverage through multiple channels via a network of international PR Managers.

      The scope and opportunities are vast and you could get involved in a diverse range of areas, including:

      • Developing positive brand and business stories with the aim of creating coverage across multiple sectors and types of media
      •  Work with areas around the business on the creation of stories and assets
      • Brief and manage the work of creative agencies
      • Prepare the business for global media events and motorshows
      • Create market briefs and provide support and advice for our PR Managers around the world
      • Host international media visiting Jaguar Land Rover facilities in the UK
      • Research and write global press releases / news briefs / briefing packs and media Q&As


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