The automotive industry is changing. And we’re changing with it. Our ambition is to push the limits and redefine what’s possible, and embarking on projects such as Formula E enables us to build and test innovative Electrification technologies. But it also means we need to expand our team of exceptional talent. Join us in this exciting area of the business and you’ll be helping us tackle the challenges of tomorrow, today.


    Area Overview

    Our goal is to reduce vehicle emissions and improve fuel economy through more efficient and downsized engines, and alternative powertrains. We are also creating lighter vehicles and improving energy conservation, and we are moving towards a more innovative and sustainable future. To achieve our goals for the future, we have made significant investments in new technology and environmental innovations.

    We are committed to introducing electrification as soon as possible and are excited to be launching our I-PACE in the second half of 2018. The creation of vehicles like this will help us reduce our CO2 emissions by 25% by 2020. Join us in Electrification and see how far we can really push the automotive industry and ourselves.



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